Let's gay Larnaca

No girls allowed

Ladies, we do not mind going to your bachelor parties because we love and support you as friends. Sometimes we are not interested in being at your party. That means stay away from gay bars. Straight, we know you want to see strippers, but you have to find women doing that somewhere. Go to Chippendales or a strip night called Danglers, which is just for you. Do not look at boys in a gay bar and screech and squeal, shoving all the other guests out of the way, so that you can drunk 20 euros a tiny splinter of spandex stuck on a thick, oiled back. For you it may be a night you behaved badly, but that's our life. Please respect that and take your high-decibel party somewhere that is geared towards your "big day". But respect our Thursdays in Larnaca. It's our "only men" day. Let's gay Larnaca.