A member can become any adult male visitor. The age of majority is to be proven on request with the card. There are day membership, multi-day membership, monthly membership and annual membership. Each year member is allowed access to the sauna for 10 euros per visit. The entrance fee includes the key for cloakroom and towels. Mandatory slippers are issued as long as stocks last. Should a partial closure be necessary for technical reasons, there is no entitlement to a reduction of the membership fee. Additional services, such as massage, drinks or items from the shop will be charged when leaving the sauna and possibly discounted. In the sauna, all people, regardless of their origin or skin color are treated with respect. The same applies to the device. Members leave the sauna, as they would like to find themselves when entering themselves, clean and unspoiled. Should there be any shortcomings, then we are happy to do everything possible to eliminate the damage as quickly as possible. We wish you a pleasant stay.